SBABSKABSBAB at Arnolfini, 2nd November 2013



Arnolfini, Bristol Saturday 02 November 2013, 19:30 to 20:30

Sedated By A Brick Present Serrated By A Knife Present Sedated By A Brick. Sedated By A Brick are accidentally possessed by their imaginary alter-ego theatre company, Serrated By A Knife. Both companies have been struggling to put the finishing touches to their astonishing productions of The Shining, which they hope one day to present to an actual, real live audience.

With: Sedated By A Brick

An over-production of words most lovely in its malignancy.

Bernard Manning is dead. Kate Bush is a recluse. Elton John is threatening to don his divine lawsuit.

Will this collision of identities result in the ultimate meta-fiction or everyone dying in the cold of cabin fever?


At least three versions of the play will be fighting it out for survival, and by the end of the show we will have tried to set fire to it, explode it, delete it and dispose of it, but will realise too late it is built on an indian burial ground and just will not go away.

Surely nothing could go wrong!

“I went to sleep and dreamed that SBAB came up to my bed and gave me a book with the secret answers to the show – it was un-nerving” - Audience Member

“Happy-Hard Theatre” - Audience Member


DA DA DA – Cube, Bristol, 02nd May 2013


This illustrious happy-hard-theatre group, SeDAted By A Brick will be DA DA ing

02nd May at the Cube Microplex, Bristol after 8 PM





Sedated prepare for five-day showing in Bristol during the Ides of March / Serrated prepare for World Tour


Sedated By A Brick present Serrated By A Knife present Sedated By A Brick

[SBABSKAB]11th-15th March, Wardrobe Theatre, St Michael’s Hill, Bristol  8PM

Sedated By A Brick have been creating the final parts to their adaptation of inspirational and seminal book,  the Shining.

Audience feedback from last showing: “that was fucking astounding”

We think that we may have written a new classic for the English-speaking world. An over-production of words most lovely in its malignancy.  Bernard Manning is dead. Kate Bush is a recluse and Elton John is wearing his glasses. Surely nothing could go wrong!  Round the church backwards three times I divorce thee, I divorce thee, I divorce thee. It’s the ever popular @serratedbyanaif…..come to spoil our self-congratulatory party. Come and see.

At least three versions of the play will be fighting it out for survival, stabbing each other in the back during the Ides of March [11-14th at the Wardrobe Theatre -£5 entry]  before, of course, as expected, we set fire to the show, try to delete or dispose of it but realise too late that it is built on an Indian burial ground and just won’t go away. Thank you.




SBAB will be Prototyping this Sunday 28th October at Tobacco Factory. Come and see where we’ve got to with our ShiningEltonKateBernarddoppelgäanger Medley performance.

See Tobacco Factory Theatre Here


Below images courtesy of Word Of Warning from performance at Emergency 13, ManchesterImageImage



Serrated By A Knife appearing in Manchester for Emergency Festival Saturday 13th October

Sedated By A Brick present Serrated By A Knife present Sedated By A Brick

Z-arts, 6 til 10pm

Manchester (M15 5ZA)


Tonight, Sedated By A Brick will summon up the spirits of their alter-ego theatre company, Serrated By A Knife.

Is there anybody out there?

Unexpectedly, three icons of the seventies will answer their call and assume the mantle of Serrated By A Knife, presenting their dramatic rendition of seminal book/film classic, The Shining.

A fevered dream, a paranoid trip or an inter-generational seance? Whatever way you see it, they are a company possessed.

Sedated By A Brick are a Bristol-based performance company, producing high quality ‘quirk’ since 2009. They want to see what kind of experiences they can create when they put their minds and bodies together. They combine strong imagery and a mordant strain of humour to explore interrelations between often impossible characters and situations.

See the listings here  at Emergency Festival on Word of Warning


9 Questions for 9 Beginnings – Answered by Matthew Goulish, Dramaturg

Sedated By A Brick got to ask Matthew Goulish 10 questions about his performance ‘9 Beginnings’.

9 Beginnings is a performance from Every House Has a Door developed in response to an invitation from Performing Documents. Every House Has A Door will restage the beginnings of 9 historical performances by 9 different artists or companies found in the Arnolfini archive or University of Bristol’s Live Art Archives, and re-imagine them as a new composition.

Read it here:



Kate Bush Hooligan Chant/ KBFC Workshop

Thankyou for all your Kate Bush Hooligan Chant requests…We’ve been approached by a football chant expert who is going to run a workshop with us next Wednesday. We’ll try out said songs there…get in touch if you want to join in….

meanwhile we’ve been speculating about what the most sinister English accent is….if you’ve got a really evil sounding voice come along….


The Kate Bush Hooligan Chant

Hastily put together this morning by two of SBAB, the world gets a first glimpse of the little know ritual, The Kate Bush Hooligan Chant


SBAB in Birmingham!

SBAB are in Birmingham. SBAB are European. SBAB at the Birmingham European Festival. Woohoo! SBAB are on a an adventure! We’ll be showing our wares to the continental majority at 7pm on Friday with a truncated (but compact and bijou) thirty minute edition of If Destroyed Still True. In the meantime we are enjoying a plethora of workshops and meals laid on by the BE team.


Glasgow 17th March 530pm!

Saturday 17th March at 17.30 at The Old Hairdressers. GLASGOW  (as part of the Buzzcut Festival!)



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