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Consisting of Fraisia Dunn, Gareth Mayer and Neil Puttick, SBAB formed the company in 2009.

We want to see what kinds of experiences we can create when we put our minds and bodies together; this is usually a protracted and tortuous process, but we somehow have a lot of fun regardless.

We write, read and watch a lot as our primary means of generating material. We talk ourselves into and out of forming links and building bridges between distant ideas and themes, mashing these disparate elements together into entertaining, complex and unabashedly amusing performances.

We want to draw our audiences into the specific world of each show we make. We want them to be confused, but to enjoy this confusion, and we want them to ultimately find a coherent internal logic. We want each show to speak for itself in whatever way it sees fit.

SBABSKABSBAB is our second full piece. Our first show, If Destroyed Still True, has been presented at a number of venues and festivals across the UK, as well as in Spain. We have also made and continue to make a number of smaller works alongside bigger projects, and are currently working on our third full piece, an investigation of quiet radicalism and speculative futures.






Fraisia Dunn obtained a Master’s Degree in Performance Writing from    Dartington College of Arts in 2003. She met Neil and Gareth through   theatre company The Wonder Club. As well as working on writing-based   solo projects, she has also performed with theatre company IDST! and   Milanese artist Maia Sabonet.  





Gareth Mayer studied Drama at the University of Bristol. As well as helping to set up Sedated By A Brick, Gareth has also made work as part of Imagined Future Benefit with Singaporean artist Tara Tan and collaborated with Bristol-based performance artist China Blue Fish.




Neil Puttick is a writer and live artist who joined in 2009. He is also founder and organiser of IDST! invisible theatre and has performed and created live games and happenings around the world.