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domestic soundscapes

the sound of the inside of an oven.

This and many other domestic appliance sounds on this site. I wonder whether, when played alongside our performance piece, we could induce the feeling of escalation, even though the sounds are very much repetitive, atonal drones.

check out My Fridge Is Possessed:

There’s a whole line in fridge noises on youtube…particularly scary ones.… Read on...

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The work of Jorg Buttgereit = the epic and dynamic decaying image

I’m very excited to be able to say that we finally have a copy of the ERMAZING “Der Todesking” winging its way towards us…

No other film director, perhaps with the exception of Bunuel, captures “the epic decaying image” or the tableau mort to the extent we are using for our piece. His use of these setups to explicate the differences between living and dead are useful to us; and his films hint to the connectedness beyond physicality, even through it into viscerality, that we are also trying to create in our piece.

The often clear demonstrative process used by the film-makers and the phoneyness of the props and actions interests us too:

plus the exquisite music of Hermann Kopp

Unfortunately, its very difficult to get hold of “Schramm” – another classic Buttgereit film – so here’s some trailers:


wicked trailer

you might want to avert your eyes at the end

audio optional on this one on...

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Parallel Truths (Part One)

  • In the beginning, the man is playing with the bodies of his dead parents.
  • In the beginning the man’s parents are being controlled by him.
  • In the beginning the man is removing himself from the reality if his dead parents.
  • In the beginning the man has finally gained total control over his dead parents.
  • In the beginning the man is laying to rest two alternative personalities who have been manifesting themselves through the man.
  • In the beginning the man is trying to resurrect two personalities he has killed off, who have been manifesting themselves through the man as he feels a deep sense of nothing.  When he acknowledges this sense of nothing, he embodies this state.
  • The two shucked-off personalities/parents are still here.
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