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Sedated prepare for five-day showing in Bristol during the Ides of March / Serrated prepare for World Tour


Sedated By A Brick present Serrated By A Knife present Sedated By A Brick

[SBABSKAB]11th-15th March, Wardrobe Theatre, St Michael’s Hill, Bristol  8PM

Sedated By A Brick have been creating the final parts to their adaptation of inspirational and seminal book,  the Shining.

Audience feedback from last showing: “that was fucking astounding”

We think that we may have written a new classic for the English-speaking world. An over-production of words most lovely in its malignancy.  Bernard Manning is dead. Kate Bush is a recluse and Elton John is wearing his glasses. Surely nothing could go wrong!  Round the church backwards three times I divorce thee, I divorce thee, I divorce thee. It’s the ever popular @serratedbyanaif…..come to spoil our self-congratulatory party. Come and see.

At least three versions of the play will be fighting it out for survival, stabbing each other in the back during the Ides of March [11-14th at the Wardrobe Theatre -£5 entry]  before, of course, as expected, we set fire to the show, try to delete or dispose of it but realise too late that it is built on an Indian burial ground and just won’t go away. Thank you.