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Showing Them Our Bits / Upcoming Dates

Hello world.

Well, we went to the Roundhouse, we showed some bits and we got some feedback. A sea of seemingly angry faces stared at us as we hit them with a flurry of text about possessions, The Shining and alter-ego theatre companies. Fortunately, the anger was only a misperception from inside the trappings of our performance and the feedback session afterwards was useful and constructive, with some engaging and deeply responsive feedback. It has definitely made us think further about the text in relation to the performance style we have chosen to adopt so far, and the general consensus was that even if it is confusing it is never unengaging because of that. In fact some people could have handled further confusion; you don’t have to tell us twice!

The other two performances were both very engaging and also markedly different from ours, which always makes for a good evening of work in progress. Sarah Bell took us on the beginning of a trip to the moon by watching the film For All Mankind for the first time in twenty years, exploring her childhood obsession with becoming an astronaut. tatty-del showed the beginnings of a piece about bitchiness and competetive relationships, deconstructing moments from their own lives in which they encountered power struggles and beginning to pick apart their own collaborative relationship.

Many thanks to the lovely GETINTHEBACKOFTHEVAN  for inviting us down to the Roundhouses for the evening.

Now on with the show!

We will be performing yet another incarnation of the beginnings of the new show as part of BLOP at Arnolfini on 25th February.

We may also be showing a bit of it at the Cabaret of Transformation at The Wardrobe Theatre on 17th February, but equally may show something else entirely.

And finally we are very pleased to announce that we will be performing as part of Buzzcut Festival in Glasgow in March.