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Rock, Hide Me! Look at that Horizon

images courtesy of lisa furness

the feel of reverse – some questions about time as betrayed in performance

Manipulating ‘time’ has become one of the challenges of creating If Destroyed Still True. As part of the Interval open weekend at Interval, 31 College Green, we recently performed a epi-prologue to the piece that unwound key motifs and placed them in a reverse sequence. At midnight, audience, gathered by the door, met a stranger. This stranger, then moving backwards, as if in reverse, began to guide them, by a single light into the darkness.

Some questions:

does time get quicker before you die? How does this affect the pulse of the awakening moments, in our piece? In the midnight showing, the natural flopping of the freshly killed body is inverted and the performer must move from relaxed to tense.… Read on...

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domestic soundscapes

the sound of the inside of an oven.

This and many other domestic appliance sounds on this site. I wonder whether, when played alongside our performance piece, we could induce the feeling of escalation, even though the sounds are very much repetitive, atonal drones.

check out My Fridge Is Possessed:

There’s a whole line in fridge noises on youtube…particularly scary ones.… Read on...

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Parallel Truths (Part One)

  • In the beginning, the man is playing with the bodies of his dead parents.
  • In the beginning the man’s parents are being controlled by him.
  • In the beginning the man is removing himself from the reality if his dead parents.
  • In the beginning the man has finally gained total control over his dead parents.
  • In the beginning the man is laying to rest two alternative personalities who have been manifesting themselves through the man.
  • In the beginning the man is trying to resurrect two personalities he has killed off, who have been manifesting themselves through the man as he feels a deep sense of nothing.  When he acknowledges this sense of nothing, he embodies this state.
  • The two shucked-off personalities/parents are still here.
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